Us inside.

A little bit of us in every job. In every project we put all our experience, all the commitment and passion: this is what drives us, this is what we love to do.


Electrical panels for automation made with advanced techniques resulting from years of experience: beautiful, high quality, highly customized.


Teams of technicians, working all over the world, are ready to respond quickly to solve problems. The efficiency of Proxima, wherever it is required.


Smart home, home automation and personalized assistance for more comfort and lower consumption. Innovative ideas that will illuminate your civil and industrial environments.

Proxima, a continously evolving reality

We are a close-knit, experienced, dynamic team with specific skills in industrial automation, electric cabinets, civil and industrial plant engineering.

We have reached a high level of knowledge in every sector in which we operate, we have faced and won difficult challenges and came out stronger and more aware of them. And today our challenge is to provide customers with the most advanced solutions to face increasingly complex problems.